Public Group Classes

Team Compton is a family owned gym. But family extends beyond blood, it spreads through passion, camaraderie and belief. 

Our public group training sessions ecompass exactly that. 

Our primary focus and drive is to create and maintain a positive environment and uplifting community.

Our work ethic and relentless will to improve is easily seen in the structure of our classes and we are meticulous when it comes to perfecting techniques, principals and workouts.

Team Compton has a strict list of rules and code of conduct that we expect our trainers, students and visitors to adhere by and we enforce these rules unapologetically to ensure that we have an inspiring, hard working, community driven learning and training environment for every single person who enters the facility.

Stay Positive. Stay Motivated.

muay thai, bjj
muay thai, bjj

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muay thai, bjj