Barney has been immersed in martial arts from a very early age.

He started his journey by learning Wado-Ryu Karate at the age of 5 under the guidance of his father and sensei, David Holland.

Barney quickly became obsessed with training in martial arts and progressed through different styles of Karate until he settled with Full-Contact Kickboxing at age 12.


By the age of 13, Barney was assisting in teaching classes at his family-owned and operated martial arts academy in South-east England and by age 16 he was running the senior classes as a Brown Belt.


Currently, Barney holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kickboxing and has an undefeated record in the Full-Contact ruleset, most notably winning gold at the 2017 IKF English Championships in the -80kg category.


Barney came to Australia from the UK in 2018 and has since been a student under the tutelage of Steve & Elliot Compton.

Barney has competed in other rulesets such as Boxing and Muay Thai and is an active fighter out of the Team Compton Training Centre.


Barney brings his own unique style of martial arts to the team along with a great attitude and extensive experience in fitness and personal training.

Barney in an outgoing and highly driven individual who is available for one-to-one PT sessions or small groups classes specialising in: - Boxing - Kickboxing - Muay Thai - Fitness - Weight Loss.


“There’s nothing I love more than sharing my passion for fitness and martial arts with others. I have taught people from all different backgrounds, including young kids, women, elite athletes and complete novices. I believe in individual programmes for individual people in order to achieve the best results.”