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Welcome to
Team Compton

The purpose of knowledge is nothing unless you’re willing to share it.

There is no growth and no evolution without the collaboration of skills.

Team Compton Training Centre is exactly that.

Who are we ? 

A collaboration of creative minds that deny the perception that there is only one way. One size, almost never fits all.


Team Compton is the collection of well travelled Martial Artists who are passionate about sharing the experiences they’ve gained through training, competing and studying across the world.


With an open mind, there are no limitations.


Each member of the Team Compton Coaching Staff has experience ranging from fifteen to forty years. From the highest level of competition in the world’s most famous and prestigious arenas to training under some of the world’s most prolific and iconic Martial Arts figures.

Across multiple disciplines and with uncountable certifications, accolades and achievements we believe that the evolution of ones self is never ending. With a positive mindset and unrelenting motivation to be better today than you were yesterday and then again tomorrow, achievement knows no bounds.

So, what will you do to

“Stay Positive, Stay Motivated”..?

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