When you look beyond the history of Team Compton, it’s essential to understand the driving force behind the success of one of Australia’s most reputable training facility; The lifestyle.

It’s easy to see that the brand is much more than just what meets the eye.


Stay Positive, Stay Motivated. 


The concept started as a supporter's t-shirt for Australian Combat Sports Athlete and co founder Elliot Compton but soon evolved into something special. Upon release of the shirt, the response was nothing short of humbling. Messages of support started flooding in with fans and supporters from around the world saying that the ethos “Stay Positive, Stay Motivated” had really inspired them to chase their dreams.



With the inception of the Team Compton Training Centre shortly after; The movement had well and truly begun.


When you take a step inside Team Compton, it’s essential to understand the driving force behind the success of one of Australia’s leading Martial Arts centre’s. 


The appreciation of Martial Arts, Creativity, Health & Fitness and Sport paints the history clustered walls of the iconic HQ in Brisbane.. 

There is a noticeable aura and energy within the bustling centre, its plain to see that the selling of a product is not the first objective. It’s about inspiring, uplifting and motivating people to express themselves through physical activity and to live a martial arts lifestyle. 

A lifestyle that embraces and empowers self improvement, self expression and individuality.

Team Compton is about staying positive and stay motivated. It appeals to those who share the inspiration of living a life through Martial Arts and Physical Activity.


After working and training in countless gyms all over the world, the need for something different away from the cliché Corporate Gyms, Personal Training Studios or Fighters gym was more than apparent. 

Steve Compton, Sean Hannam & Elliot Compton have unified their respective skills and reputations to bring you the future of Health, fitness & Martial Arts; The Team Compton Training Centre.

The goal of Team Compton, is to take the essence of Martial Arts and combine it with the necessity of fitness training. 

Steve, Elliot and Sean have combined the skills, experience and passion they’ve gained over the the last 30+ years to bring quality martial arts & combat sports training to an extensive range of demographic; From World Class Professional Athletes to Business Professionals, Doctors and Lawyers to Stay at Home Mums -"It's an open door policy.." 


​The team all being certified Personal Trainers and individually qualified in their own areas of expertise, use their knowledge to ensure the correct techniques and form are taught to their clients at all times, creating a fun, safe and positive training environment.

“Individual Programs for Individual People..”


​Team Compton prides it’s brand on training each client as per their individual goals, challenges, skills and capabilities. One size rarely fits all, especially in the world of Martial Arts & Fitness training.

Stay Positive. Stay Motivated.

Team Compton - 2018.